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About CIP

Infrastructure Needs

Each City asset-owning department maintains its own list of infrastructure needs. These needs include the construction, purchase, or major renovation of buildings, utility systems, and other facilities; in addition to land acquisition and roadway projects.

Is an Infrastructure Need the same as a Capital Improvement Program (CIP) project?

Infrastructure needs can vary in definition from a description of an existing infrastructure that is need of repair or upgrade to the need for new infrastructure where one does not currently exist. Each asset-owning department maintains a list of operations and maintenance needs to improve, repair, or upgrade its own infrastructure.

Some of these infrastructure needs are repairs to existing infrastructure, may be small in scale, and may be addressed through the asset owner’s maintenance activities. While other infrastructure needs (such as upgrades and needs for new facilities) require capital investment. These latter types are referred to as CIP projects

In order for infrastructure needs to be considered into the CIP, they must undergo a feasibility analysis for scoping and cost estimating and are eventually ranked against the other potential CIP’s. A CIP project is not officially a CIP project until the City Council approves adding it to the Capital Improvement Program Budget

What are the City’s current infrastructure needs?

City of San Diego Needs Lists Disclaimers (PDF) located below:

  1. Building Facilities Needs List (PDF)
  2. Storm Drains: Corrugated Metal Pipe Needs List (PDF)
  3. Interactive Pavement Condition Map: The map provides the Overall Condition Index for every section of roadway in the City of San Diego.
  4. Transportation Facilities Needs List (PDF)
  5. Parks & Recreation Facilities Needs List (PDF)
  6. Water Master (PDF)
  7. Sewer Municipal (PDF)
  8. Sewer Metropolitan (Participating Agencies) (PDF)

For questions, concerns, or suggestions about a department needs list, contact the department representative.

Development Services (and Code Enforcement)
Linda Pfeifer, Supervising Public Information Officer

Environmental Services Department

Fire Department (Fire-Rescue)

Library Department
Stephanie Gilbert, Senior Management Analyst

Park & Recreation Department
Jim Winter, Project Officer II

Police Department
Andra Brown, Lieutenant

Public Utilities Department (Water and Sewer)

Public Works Department

Transportation & Storm Water Department
Bill Harris, Supervising Public Information Officer