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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the City of San Diego's fiscal year begin and end?

The City's fiscal year (FY) begins July 1 and ends on June 30.

What is the size of the City's budget?

The Fiscal Year 2016 Adopted Budget totals $3.28 billion and includes $1.29 billion for General Fund operations and $1.99 billion for the City's Enterprise Funds and other City Funds.

Where do the City's revenues come from?

General Fund Revenue is collected from the following sources:

  • Property Tax (36.7%)
  • Sales Tax (22.3%)
  • Charges for Services (10.1%)
  • Transient Occupancy Tax(8%)
  • Transfers from other funds (7.3%)
  • Franchise Fees(6.3%)
  • Revenue from Money and Property (3.6%)
  • Fines, forfeitures and penalties (2.3%)
  • Other revenue (3.5%)

What does the City spend its money on?

General Fund Expenditures consist of:

  • Public Safety (Police, Fire and Lifeguards Services (51.8%)
  • Transportation & Storm Water (10.1%)
  • Park and Recreation (8.2%)
  • Citywide Programs (7%)
  • City Attorney (3.6%)
  • Libraries (3.8%)
  • Environmental Services (2.8%)
  • Public Works - General Services (2.1%)
  • City Treasurer (1.3%)
  • Economic Development (1.1%)
  • Other Uses (8.2%)

How can I contribute input in the development of the City budget?

The City Charter requires that the Council hold public hearings before they vote to modify or adopt the Mayor's budget by the June 15th deadline. For more information, see the Citizen's Guide to the City's Budget Process (PDF).