The City of San Diego

Storm Water Division  -  Service Request - Status Check

To get the current status of your previously submitted service request notification, enter the 12 digit number sent to you in a confirmation email, then click "Submit".
Possible Status for Notifications:

  • Outstanding - Your request has been received by Storm Water and is currently awaiting assignment to the appropriate crew for response.

  • In Process - Your request has been received and reviewed by Storm Water. It is currently being scheduled, or in the process of being researched.

  • Complete - Your request has been received by Storm Water and the work associated with this notification has been addressed and closed out.

The length of time that a request remains in a particular status is dependent upon the complexity of the work required. While some requests may change status quickly, other requests may stay at the "Outstanding" or "In Process" status until the work can be operationally scheduled or to allow time for all work to be accomplished at that location.

The 12 digit notification number can be found on your confirmation email. Status can be checked online for "Internet" requests only, Notification Number starting with '5' followed by 11 digits. For status on "Non-Internet" requests please contact Storm Water Hotline at (619) 235-1000.