The City of San Diego

Street Division  -  Service Request


 Welcome to the Street Division Service Request page.

Traffic light To Place an Emergency service request including traffic signal malfunction, please call
   Street Division Customer Service at 619-527-7500.

If your request is not an Emergency or about a Traffic Signal please create a service request for repairs or services on street related issues by using one of the online methods below:
  • Map Method: Use our online mapping system to pinpoint the problem and location.
  • Text Method: Submit a written description of the problem and location.
To view the status of a previous request submitted through an online method, please select:
* Please note that Storm Drains section is now part of Transportation & Storm Water Department. To report pollution entering the City storm drain system, visit the Storm Water Service Request system which can also be found in the "Access online services" section of The City of San Diego Home Page.