Water Conservation Certificate Verification
 -  Public Utilities

San Diego Municipal Code Section 147.04
Other Water-Conserving Plumbing Standards
(Plumbing Retrofit Upon Change of Property Ownership)
Water Conservation Certificate Verification

This Water Conservation Certificate verification system will identify which properties already have a valid Certificate on file with the City of San Diego Public Utilities Department.   If a valid Certificate is already on file, no further action is required.

San Diego Municipal Code Section 147.04 (Plumbing Retrofit upon Change of Property Ownership) only applies to those properties that receive water service from the City of San Diego Public Utilities Department. If the property is outside of the City of San Diego Public Utilities Department service area please click here for a list of other water districts in the area.

To verify if a property has a valid Certificate on file, please enter the property information in the search boxes below by selecting ONE of the following:
  • Property Address or
  • City of San Diego Water Account Number (available on the water bill, mainly for single-family properties).
Please enter the property address number and street name (or partial street name and an *) or City of San Diego Water Account number below:
  e.g. 1234 North Main Street 101 92111


  *Required for Address Type Search


Please Note:
  • When you use the search function above and the address can be spelled in various ways, i.e.; Mount - Mt, Caminito - Camto, Camino - Cam, Avenida - Avnda, Corte - Cte, etc., enter the street number and the first letter of the street name with an * (asterisk) sign (i.e. 1234 M*).
  • If the street address is a number, i.e., Third, 03, 3rd, etc. then enter the street number in the street number field and enter an asterisk (*) sign by itself in the street address field.
  • If a property street address consists of multiple words, please enter the address number in the address number field and enter the first letter of the street address and an asterisk (*) sign in the address field.
  • If several Certificate numbers appear for the same address, please select the most recent Certificate number for your records.
  • If you get the message address not found, please contact the City (contact information listed below).
  • If the message indicates no certificate on file, please inform the seller/transferor that a Water Conservation Certificate (http://www.sandiego.gov/water/pdf/wcc.pdf) or a Transfer of Responsibility to Retrofit Certificate (http://www.sandiego.gov/water/pdf/trrc.pdf) needs to be filed prior to close of escrow.
  • Additional program information available at: http://www.sandiego.gov/water/conservation/selling.shtml.
The majority of the Certificates in this database are listed based on the meter address of the property.  Therefore certain property addresses, especially condos and various commercial properties may be difficult to locate.

If you are unable to locate an address, please contact the City by:
e-mail: sdmc@sandiego.gov

or Phone: (619) 533-7485

or Fax: (619) 533-5300
City staff will verify the address information and contact you with the results.  When contacting the City directly, please remember to include the property address, parcel number (APN), and your contact information.