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9922018 March 5 CE: Mapping and Exterior Search (FF Casciari)
Creating a map when you do your hot lap is an important form of communication. Practice your skills on the NTC Campus. Please be prepared to be outside at dusk: bring flashlights/head lamps, paper, and pen/pencil.
Monday, 03/05/18 @ 6:30p - ???
NTC Training Facility
Closes 03/01/18 @ 5:00PM
9972018 March 7 CE: Go-Bag and Personal Preparedness
The location has been confirmed. This is a topic that may be more interesting to our new graduates who recently became active members and just received their basic go-packs. The same CE was held on 4/11/17.
Wednesday, 03/07/18 @ 6p - ???
Scripps Ranch Library, 10301 Scripps Lake Dr.
OPEN - Register Now
Closes 03/02/18 @ 5:00PM
9942018 March 20 CE:Stokes & Transport (FF Casciari)
Using teamwork, a stokes basket/backboard, and some rope, learn how to safely transport patients. This CE requires lifting, bending, and moving heavy objects. If you have any medical restrictions, please check with your doctor before registering.
Tuesday, 03/20/18 @ 6:30p - ???
Pacific Beach Library (4275 Cass St.)
Registration opens
03/01/18 @ 8:00PM
9952018 CE: Topic TBD March 27th
Topic to be determined *Please allow enough time to find parking
Tuesday, 03/27/18 @ TBD
Pacific Beach Library (4275 Cass St.)
Registration opens
03/01/18 @ 8:00PM

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